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JFJO at Church Studios with Steven Bernstein, Jeff Coffin, Peter Apfelbaum, Mark Southerland, and Matt Leland

We are currently wrapping up tracking at the Church Studio here in Tulsa, OK on the next JFJO album, the Race Riot Suite.  This is a piece I wrote that was inspired by, and tells the story of, the Tulsa Race Riot.  We were so blessed to be joined by Steven Bernstein, Jeff Coffin, Peter Apfelbaum, Mark Southerland, and Matt Leland.  The nonet sounded unbelievable together and I’m so excited to share this music with everyone.  The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 is one of the least known about and understood atrocities of Jim Crow-era America.  The event changed Tulsa and the cultural dynamic of the Midwest forever.  It is our hope that the piece will serve as a vehicle for understanding while catalyzing reflection on our society today.

Please visit for more information and education on the Riot.

JFJO in the New York Post // New York Winter Jazz Festival

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey was featured in the New York Post on Jan 7 2011 while we were in NYC for the APAP conference and Winter Jazz Festival.  We played at (le) Poisson Rouge as part of the festival on a night that also included Don Byron, Charlie Hunter, Steve Coleman and Five Elements, Nels Cline, RedCred (Medeski, Perowski, Speed), and Ben Perowski’s Moodswing Orchestra.

Right now our flights have been postponed till Thursday because of an impending snow storm.  Once we get home we’ll go straight to work on JFJO’s next album, the Race Riot Suite, a long-form piece I’ve written about the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921.  We are honored to be recording this album with Jeff Coffin, Steven Bernstein, Peter Apfelbaum, and Mark Southerland.  Listen for appearances from Okie badasses Matt Leland, Mike Staub, and Zack Elkins as well.  We head in to Church Studios this weekend to start the project with Costa Stasinopoulos producing. Jazz!

2010: A Year In Pictures

Last year was a good one…and this year promises to be even better.  I thought I’d post some of my favorite parts of 2010.

Here’s to the perpetuation of  music, love, and light…


2010 started powerfully as JFJO returned to the band's old haunt and infamous Tulsa underground/rock club, The Eclipse: Jan 2010


JFJO's 20th album, STAY GOLD, was recorded with Ryan Weaver at Natura Studios in Beggs, OK: January 2010


JFJO spent 4 weeks crisscrossing Europe playing beautiful rooms and theaters. This shot is from Eindhoven: March 2010


Lots of composition of the Race Riot Suite was done while we were in Europe. This was a long van ride to Vasteras, Sweden: March 2010


JFJO released a 7" vinyl single of "the Sensation of Seeing Light" with a brilliant remix from Dylan Golden Aycock on the B-Side: April 2010


JFJO's 20th Album STAY GOLD released June 2010


JFJO premiered LUDWIG. Our re-interpretations of Beethoven's 3rd and 6th Symphonies: June 2010


JFJO at the Wicker Park Music Festival in Chicago: July 2010


JFJO with Johnny Vidacovitch! Stay Gold Album Release tour- September 2010


JFJO Stay Gold Album Release tour- West Coast: Oct 2010


Gogo Plumbay recorded our first EP at the Church Studio: Dec 2010


NYE 2010! JFJO at Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. Welcoming the new year playing one of my favorite venues packed with all our friends. Panda Resistance opened and sounded amazing! So much fun...