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JFJO – New Comic Book, Live Album, Tour Dates



New tour dates, comic book, and live album coming in September.  From Glide Magazine:

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (JFJO) has always been one of the more intriguing acts within the improvisational music scene and beyond. Led by the eclectic pianist and composer Brian Haas, the group has been anything but static as they have rotated through numerous members and sounds over the course of twenty-one years and twenty-seven albums. Since 1994 Haas has been the only constant member, playing the role of both visionary and anchor for JFJO. Of course, the constant flux of fresh talent hasn’t been entirely by accident, as Haas continues to fine innovative ways to change the group’s sound, sort of like a painter who must try out every style as opposed to sticking to just one.

This very adventurousness has made the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey a popular draw with jam band fans and jazz heads alike, both of whom appreciate Haas’ tireless ambition to never let his sound grow stale. Anyone who has ever caught a JFJO performance can tell you that, whatever lineup of the group you are seeing, they are best experienced live. This is why their latest release features a live recording of two fiery nights in late 2014 at a club called Dazzle in Denver, Colorado. Releasing on September 4 via Royal Potato Family, JFJO’s The Battle For Earth will come in the form of a “psychedelic comic book” and download, giving fans a little keepsake with their tunes. The performances feature Brian Haas on acoustic piano/Fender Rhodes/bass Moog and synth, Chris Combs on electric guitar/lap steel and synth, and Josh Raymer on drums, and we’re excited to premiere a video of one of the standout tracks, the playfully titled “Tetherball Triumph”.


Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey release The Battle For Earth on Royal Potato Family September 4. The band will be on tour though the fall, and you can check out dates below. For more info visit

JFJO Tour Dates:
September 19 – Oklahoma City, OK – WestFest
September 22 – Tulsa, OK – The Vanguard (#)
September 26 – Guthrie, OK – Taloa Music Fest
October 9 – Kansas City, MO – Oddly Correct ($)
October 10 – Kansas City, MO – Oddly Correct
October 16 – New Orleans, LA – The Howlin’ Wolf (%)
October 22 – Albuquerque, NM – The Outpost
October 23 – Denver, CO – The 1up (^)
October 24 – Denver, CO – The 1up (^)
October 30 – San Francisco, CA – Docs’ Lab (&)
October 31 – San Francisco, CA – Doc’s Lab (&)
November 5 – Seattle, WA – Earshot Jazz Festival @ Royal Room (^)
November 6 – Seattle, WA – Earshot Jazz Festival @ Royal Room (^)
November 7 – Portland, OR – The Goodfoot Lounge (*)# – w/ Thundercat
$ – w/ Mark Southerland
% – w/ Youngblood Brass Band and Mike Dillon Band
^ – w/ Skerik
& – w/ Skerik and Chris Noonan
* – w/ Skerik, Wil Blades and DJ Logic