SXSW, Album Release(s), Party time

sxsw tulsa

Lots of things reaching the finish line.  Mike Dee & Stone Trio just got masters back on our first EP that will be out later this month on Horton Records.  Killer sounds…more info on release soon.  We are also excited to be playing SXSW this year.  We’ll be joining the amazing Okie talent at the Tulsa Boom Factory showcase on 3/16.

I’ve been mixing my album with Michael Trepangier at Cardinal Sound in OKC.  Really loving how it has turned out and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.  Almost finished…looking towards an early summer 2017 release.  It has been a fun journey making this record.  We started back in October 2016 at Fellowship Hall in Little Rock, AR.  Andrew Bones, Aaron Boehler, and I tracked the live (heart of the album) band takes to 2″ tape.  Then I took those recordings and went down to New Orleans where we tracked horns with Brad Walker (sax, Sturgill Simpson), Dan Oestreicher (sax, Trombone Shorty), and Carly Meyers (trombone, Roar) at Marigny Studios.  After that, a few months of guitar, steel, and synth overdubs and lots of chopping and editing…and I think I have something unique and something I am proud of.  Its a good feeling.  More info on release, label, etc soon

One more project rolling towards release this summer is the debut album, “Better Than Alone” from up and coming singer-songwriter Chris Blevins which I’ve had the pleasure of playing on and producing.  He is running a Kickstarter right now.  Click Here to preorder the album or book a live show with Blevins.